Using Data Analytics for Higher Reservations and ARPU

Business Case

For local businesses, understanding the customers and anticipating their nuances can work wonders for the bottom-line. Making the right decisions to provide what the customers really want is the key differentiator to stand-out from the competition. Going with the right offerings that can reach the right people at the right moment drives up the revenue.

Market Analytic Solutions to Understand the Customers

Our automated local listings engine is a solution to mine customer insights and supports the decision making process to deliver superior customer experiences in accordance to customers’ preferences and needs.

The solution has been continuously providing insights to increasing customer loyalty and average revenue per customer. By providing a complete view of customers across channels helps the local businesses to be proactive to delivering the right message at the right time on the right channel.

The Result

Local Businesses who leverage the tool to gather comprehensive, insights of customers data from various sources are able to personalize service and deliver optimized experiences through predictive analysis has been able to drive the revenues up by $270K