Wide array of services to help businesses achieve more.

Application Development and Support

We strive to comprehend your business and devise bespoke solutions with greater accessibility, availability and predictability. The outcome is lower costs, less hazard, better ROI, a quicker time to market and help you to accomplish your long-term business goals.

Infrastructure Management

Our agile Infrastructure management and technical support helps the clients to reduce costs while maintaining high availabliity and reliabitlity of business critical services to stay competitive.

DevOps Services

We leverage our DevOps experience to provide clients with services spanning strategy, planning, execution and managed services. DevOps helps our clients to deliver applications faster and staying ahead of competition.

Resource Augmentation

Our resource augmentation helps our clients to overcome capability deficits and improve agility. Our in-house talents and processes have been delivering rapid results while meeting the business goals.

Our Process

Techniques vetted with over 47000 hours of service delivery

  1. Developing A Process Manual

    A set of instructions/directions to carry out the service operations is developed initially. It aims to achieve a certain degree of process standardization, cost effectively. This prevents the team deviating from process while delivering services. However, this does not reduce human involvement.


    • Consistent service delivery and outcome
    • Faster turnaround to handle exceptions
    • Better transitioning from one resource to another

  2. Automate Processes

    Deployment of process automation solutions reduce the variations in the process during service delivery. This helps the organisations to achieve process standardization in key areas and reduce human dependencies.


    • Reduced human dependency on key service delivery areas
    • It increases efficiency of service delivery
    • Reduces variations in process and delivery

  3. Improve User’s Value Demand

    Conduct the root cause analysis for the failure demand and take steps to reduce the occurrence and improve the value demand of the end users. This helps is reducing the inefficiencies for the entire service delivery.


    • It increases user satisfaction as more value is delivered
    • It frees up resources for new services
    • Reduces the total cost of service delivery

  4. Service Blueprinting Exercises

    Identifying user actions, service responses and touch points by key target customer services and processes that results in better value offering by the service delivery.


    • Identify failure points and opportunities for service improvement
    • Provides a customer-centric basis for developing better customer experience