Digital Technology to Deliver the Legal Aid

Business Case

In India, all citizens are guaranteed free legal aid by the Constitution. Yet despite this promise, many under privileged people have no access to the legal services when they need, due to schedules of quality lawyers, and poor legal literacy of the those in need.

Digital Transformation

In association with our clients in Bar Associations, we introduced unified communication and practice management platforms to share legal queries from the under privileged to a network of 12000 lawyers across the state.

The platform aimed to provide legal literacy by providing credible information, and efficient delivery of legal services to those in need. The network of lawyers have been legal advises and services using the platform.

The Result

While it is too early to judge the long-term effectiveness of these initiative by the Legal Literacy Council, since the introduction of the platform for more than a year, 200+ parties were provided pro bono legal services by the lawyers using the platform.