Integrated Solutions to transform Media Analytics

Business Case

Traditionally, the insights from the TRP ratings are extrapolation of the sample size and does not provide a complete picture of the viewership behaviour. A prime time show in a leading channel needs better insights into their viewership to offer accurate and meaningful data to their advertisers. Additionally, apart from viewership, the impact of other media formats on advertising effectiveness was considered.

Integrated Digital Solution For Better Analytics

We introduced an integrated application for the viewers to interact with the live televised programme on prime time. This application proved to pave the transformation of the consumers from viewers to participants.

The solution also intends to leverage content consumption and identified audiences who were exposed to competitor contents and segmented them demographically. These insights were then used by the advertisers to plan their marketing strategies.

The Result

The solution generates higher revenue per user for the media and the content delivery for advertisers have increased by 56% than the traditional TRP based insights.